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Have Enough Energy May 23, 2009

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Our primary objective is simply for our citizens to have enough energy, and it is up to them to decide how much energy that is, and in what form and manner it will reach them. When the free market is permitted to work the way it should, millions of individual choices and judgments will produce the proper balance of supply and demand our economy needs.

Message to the Congress Transmitting the National Energy Policy Plan
July 17, 1981

Cap & Trade is really Cap & Tax!  Get the bumper sticker now.
Cap & Trade is really Cap & Tax! Get the bumper sticker now.


Independent of Outside Energy Sources March 30, 2009

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The best answer, while conservation is worthy in itself, is to try to make us independent of outside sources to the greatest extent possible for our energy.

Remarks and a Question-and-Answer Session on the Program for Economic Recovery at a Breakfast for Newspaper and Television News Editors, February 19, 1981

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