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The Land Where Dreams Come True January 16, 2008

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Never forget that this is America, the land where dreams come true.

Message to the Congress of Racial Equality on the Observance of
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 16, 1986

Mitt Romney believes in Reagan’s vision of America, that it is a land where free people can make their dreams come true. When he announced his candidacy for president in Michigan, he said these words:

“You know my father as a business leader, a governor, and as an advocate of volunteerism. But he came from humble roots. He labored with lath and plaster. He never graduated from college. But like many other Americans, he made his dreams come true.”

George Romney and Ronald Reagan
George Romney, Mitt’s father, with Ronald Reagan

Then speaking of the American Dream, he said:

“When I was a boy, the American dream meant a house in the suburbs. The American dream today must mean more than a house. The new American dream should include a strong family, enduring values, excellence in education, dependable and affordable healthcare, secure employment and secure retirement, and a safe and prosperous homeland. It’s time to build a new American dream for all Americans. “



1. Andrew - November 26, 2008


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